Bottled beer

Magners Cider is an Irish cider made of natural ingredients including seventeen varieties of apple grown in Irish fields. This makes this cider have a pure and very refreshing taste that makes it a wonderful alternative to beer. It is suitable for celiacs because it does not contain gluta. Magner cider is known in the Republic of Ireland as Bulmers.

The origin of this cider can be traced back to 1935, when William Magner purchased an apple orchard in Tipperary, Clonmel and began manufacturing cider in his own factory. Years later he partnered with the English company H.P. Bulmer, who acquired the rights to the development of the brand in Ireland. In 1945, Magner sold his half of the company to Bulmers. It was then that these companies changed the name of the cider production company to Bulmers Ltd Clonmel.

In the 1960s, due to legal problems, Bulmers was forced to sell his share of the company. Magner’s cider became part of the soft drink and glass company C.C Group, owned by Guinness and Allied Breweries. C.C Group renamed the cider to Magners when it wanted to export it to Europe in the 1990s, as H.P.

Bulmer still held the rights to the name outside Ireland. Magners is available in other flavors such as Magners Irish Cider Berry (forest fruit), Magners Irish Cider Pear Sidra (pear), and Magners Irish Cider Dark Fruit (dark fruit).

Bright and crystalline appearance with color to tea. Aroma is predominantly fruited on green apples. Sabor of citrus fruits, apples, and soft tannins, very refreshing. Its alcoholic graduation is 4.5 degrees of alcohol. It is recommended to serve the Magner cider alone with ice.

Erdinger Weissbier
Wheat beer “Premium” with fine yeast, traditional fermentation “in bottle”, pleasant flavored, harmonious and refreshing. Dual fermentation process: 1st during the manufacturing process and a second in bottle. With a traditional recipe that maintains the strict demand for Bavarian purity, no preservatives, no colorants without additives and no pasteurization.Servei: To rinse the cup with abundant frieze water, serve slowly in inclined cup about 3/4 parts of the bottle, then mix the yeast by agitating the bottle to detach the remaining yeast in the background and serve in the cup the rest of the beer with the yeast.

Appearance: pale yellow and murky appearance. Sabor: soft banana flavors and mild phenol played by bitter citrico conclude in a final prolonged. Aroma: herbaceous and floral notes Alcohol content: 5.3% alc. He wants to. Ideal Temperature: 6-8o C

The origins of the Peroni beers were found in 1846, when its founder Francesco Peroni opened his first brewery in the northern Italian city of Vigevano. Glacial water from the nearby mountains and the quality of local ingredients allowed the production of a large beer. In 1864 a new brewery was built in Rome and eight years later it moved its headquarters to the new location. By the mid-1930s, Birra Peroni was the largest brewery in Italy. Peroni Nastro Azzurro was born in 1963, during the time of La Dolce Vita Italiana, as a Premium beer. It was created by Carlo Peroni to export it to the rest of the world. To this end, he created a lighter and refreshing version than the original Peroni.

Tast Notes

This Italian blonde beer has a pale golden colour and foam that is not abundant and short-lived. The smell is intense and citrus, with notes to malt and cereals. The palate is very refreshing, with predominantly bitter flavor with honeyy touches. End with hops flavor. Because of its characteristics, it combines very well with Italian cuisine dishes, such as pizza or focaccia. It is recommended to serve at a temperature between 4C and 6 6C. Gradation: 5.1 degrees of alcohol.

Budejovicky Budvar is a Pilsen-style Czech beer, known as the King’s Beer because from the 16th century it was served in the court of King Ferdinand I of Habsburg. It has a unique flavor and striking color that stands out both on its packaging and once served as a glass.

This traditional Czech beer, 5 % of alcohol, is noted for its cold fermentation which makes it less sugar-based. Despite this, it offers a sweet, maltoso flavour that combines with its recently carved grass aromas and flowers.

La Coronita has its origins in Mexico and almost a century later it continues to be produced only there. It is currently present in more than 180 countries and is known for its particular presentation, with the grillon of a lime placed in the botellin filter.

It is a premium imported beer number 1 in over 45 countries. She is one of the most chosen by lovers for all she inspires. Her yellow as the sun, combined with the blue on her label, recreates the world’s most wonderful beach colors and sensations, the one you feel inside you.

Coronite beer, which has now been renamed a crown, is named after every brewer who confesses that he is taking one and feeling the king. Each time you open a crown, you enjoy a single beer and an exceptional quality.

Desperados is the world’s first tequila flavored beer. His combination of lager blonde beer with a pediado and citrus beer gives him a very balanced profile. Desperados beer is made from water, malt barley, corn, sugar, tequila aroma, citrus acid and hops extract. It is produced by the Brasserie Fischer brewery, a French company from the Alsace region founded in 1821. Desperados was first placed on the market in 1995 during the French Winter Olympics. Currently the company belongs to the Heineken brewing group.

Clean and transparent golden colour, with little abundant white foam. Aroma soft to tequila with malteada and fruity notes. Smooth and refreshing Sabor with spicy and citrus backgrounds. End haunted. It is recommended to take it directly from the bottle or in a tube glass at a temperature of 6-8-8 CC.

Estrella Galicia without Gluten
The Beer of Sons of Rivera without Glutenes has the hallmark of the “barred spike”, which certifies that the product is authorized by the FACE (Federation of Associations of Celiacs of Spain). This bright golden beer is obtained through the application of an enzyme that breaks the chain of some proteins during the production process, including gluten.

By applying an enzyme in the production process of Estrella Galicia Special, we are able to degrade the part of gluten proteins that produce intolerance in the celiac people, giving rise to our beer Estrella Galicia without Gluten.

Estrella Galicia 0,0
Done through a fermentation process interrupted by Estrella Galicia 0.0, our delicious alcoholless beer, is a brilliant reflection of the color typical of Pilsen beers. Its flavor is sweet, but not covered. You will soon be surprised to enjoy the aromatic balance between malt and hops and the characteristic bitterness of our beers.

Alcohol content: 0.9% and 0.4%
Tast: Very cool aroma to citrus skin, appearance of intense golden yellow, in mouth is presented with a point of sharp bitterness and resistant, giving this beer a very dry nuance.
Recommended consumption temperature: 5 TemC