Bottled beer

Most representative of the blond Belgian Style Strong Ale. High fermentation over a second fermentation in the bottle which is the result of a persistent foam generated from the carbon and maturation of two months in the cellar.
Service: You can choose to take with or without yeast from the bottom of the bottle giving different experiences of flavors and aromas according to consumer tastes. Appearance: golden and cloudy. White and creamy foam with fine bubbles and abundant. Taste: full-bodied and slightly fruity with well balanced bitterness. Aroma: Intense and dry due to its two varieties of aromatic hops. Alcohol content: 8,5º alc. vol. Ideal temperature: 6º C


It has a malt aroma low to moderate and moderate fruity aroma. Sap slightly sweet, with a level of bitter tenor of low light, with a moderate flavor. This creates a smooth and refreshing taste of authentic dcerveza barrel in the bottle equals its golden glow and flavor. Miller Genuine Draft beer is a soft light and fresh from its careful manufacturing process

Appearance: Clear yellow light foam Taste: refreshing, medium bodied and bitter .. low alcohol content: 4.7% alc. vol. Temperature: 4º C


Bulmers Sidra
The first thing that Magners cider is served in color: this is a golden drink, something that stands out in the design of labels on containers. As usual in these ciders, it creates just foam, but quite noticeable on the bubble drink. Served in the apple begins to appear and smell is always present. The predominant flavor is sweet, with many nuances from the varieties of apple used. Stresses that sweetness is not any artificial time and a touch of acidity is just to be the most balanced drink.
Due to its characteristics, cider Magners can be enjoyed alone and is as refreshing as a light. Not having the body of a beer is drunk very easily, but do not forget you still drink 4,5º and usually served in its half-liter bottle! Something to stand in front of the beer that has no gluten and is 100% natural, so it is a perfect choice for coeliacs.
As we said, a drink that was perfect with desserts, but not only them. It is also very well with cheeses, especially Camembert, since it has the right balance of sweetness, acidity and freshness to compensate for the fat and add flavor. Keep in mind that with good preparations maridará strong with those who use or with spicy tomato sauces are clear, since turning off the shades and textures of cider. However, it is well with fish, chicken and sausages.


La Chouffe
Belgian Golden Ale style beer of high fermentation and second fermentation in the bottle so it is not filtered or pasteurized and matured in the cellar for two months duration that give some features unique to this specialty beer
Appearance: cloudy golden color, white foam and abundant fine bubbles. Taste: refreshing with clear presence of pale malt, slightly fruity and pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste Aroma: crisp and lightly seasoned with coriander and presence of aromatic hops. Alcohol content: 8% alc. vol. Temperature: 6-10% C


Erdinger Heffe
Wheat beer “Premium” with fine yeast fermentation traditional “bottle”, pleasant taste, harmonious and refreshing. Double fermentation process: 1st during the manufacturing process and a second bottle. With a traditional recipe that keeps the strict Bavarian purity requirement, no preservatives, no additives or colorings and without pasteurization.
Service: Rinse the glass with plenty of cold water, using a slowly sloping glass 3/4 of the bottle, after shaking the bottle to mix the yeast to take off unless it remains in the background and serve in the glass the rest of beer yeast. Appearance: pale yellow and cloudy. Taste: Mild flavors of banana esters and phenol touched by citrus bitterness conclude a prolonged finish. Aroma: floral and herbaceous notes Alcoholic content: 5.3% alc. vol. Ideal temperature: 6-8º C


Cerveceria Modelo produces Corona, a beer and lager Mexico made through fermentation that has a lower ABV of 4,6º. Uvinum users Coronita valued at 4.2 points out of five.
His real name is Corona Extra (The Finest Beer) but in Spain it is called Corona. Mexican beer Corona is the best-selling in the world, and is now represented in almost all countries. The bottle is streamlined, transparent and long neck, and the truth is that has sparked countless imitations. Made in Mexico, has a pale golden color is very light aroma little intense but frank, slightly reminiscent of cereal with a fresh palate. It’s mild flavor, light, refreshing and low in calories. A beer to lower temperatures when you have a lot of heat!
Vol. Alcohol: 4.6% Fermentation: Fermentation Low types of beer: Lager Country: Mexico Temp. Consumer: 4ºC


Owes its superb quality to the selection of the finest ingredients, the production process of fermentation and down to the combination of two types of hops.
Appearance: Clear yellow foam dense and persistent. Taste: fresh and distinctive flavor with very good body and bitterness Aroma: soft and slightly lupulado malt alcoholic content: 5% alc. vol. Low: 7 C%


Estrella Galicia especial
Beer bright golden color from a selection of malt and hops especially bitter. The process of cooking, fermentation and maturation takes place over 20 days, making this beer has a pleasant and characteristic flavor hops
Aroma: pleasant, refreshing shades which include especiados Appearance: Bright golden color Taste: The palate is light and neutral with a very strong hint of hop flavor. Alcohol content: 5.5% alc. vol. Ideal temperature: 5 ° C


Estrella Galicia River 0,0
Made through a process of fermentation interrupted Estrella Galicia 0.0, our delicious beer without alcohol, is a shiny reflecting the typical color of the Pilsen type beers. Its flavor is sweet but not cloying. Soon you will be surprised enjoying the aromatic balance between malt and hops and bitterness characteristic of our beers.
Alcohol content: 0.9% and 0.4%
Taste: aroma fresh citrus peel, intense golden yellow appearance in the mouth comes a sharp point and strong bitterness, which gives this beer a very dry shade.
Recommended serving temperature: 5 ºC